Imperial hall
Marshall hall
Marine hall
Bar and grill
Beach bar
Sushi bar
Bar “Bochonok”
Karaoke bar
Lobby bar
Summer terrace
Cigar room
Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese cuisine
Extensive wine list
Live music, classical, jazz, violin, white piano

По системе «Все включено», гостей отеля обслуживают в ресторанах:


“La terrasse” (ресторан для всех категорий номеров), “Галиллео”-представлена тематическая грузинская кухня с 13.30-20.00 (дополнительный ресторан для гостей, проживающих в номерах категорий “Стандарт Плюс” на 7-8 этажах основного корпуса, “Сьют”, “Люкс” и “Апартаменты”), детский ресторан Комплекса «Иствуд», бар на пляже.

Open buffet with a wide choice of meals which include breakfast, lunch and dinner (over 45 courses).

During the whole day from 8 am to 11 pm there is draft beer, cold snacks, ice-cream, coffee, tea, pastry, sweets and fruit available in unlimited quantities in “Taverna” and “Galileo” restaurants. Draft alcoholic drinks of Russian origin: vodka, wine and Champaign. Non-alcoholic drinks: juices, carbonated and mineral water.

The guest service near the aqua park: alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The guests living on the 7-8 VIP floors of the main building are offered light breakfast, juices, refreshing drinks, Champaign, tea, coffee and desserts.

In the children restaurant there are infant food, purees, cream yogurts and cereals for the children under 1 year old. There are also steam-cooked dietary dishes, dairy products, desserts, pastry, fruits, juices and other drinks.

Beach bar: beer, non-alcoholic drinks, ice-cream. From 13.00 to 16.00 there a fast-food bar (hot-dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries) is available.

In “Eastwood” Entertainment Complex there are “Imperatorsky” and “Marshalsky” restaurants, which are sure to please not only those who fancy high-level gastronomy and irreproachable service, but also the connoisseurs of classic interiors and romantics


“Imperatorsky” restaurant is a deluxe one. There you will enjoy first-class French, Italian and European cuisines and the rich wine card. 2 types of menu – the main and the taster ones – are presented there. The guests living in high category rooms can attend the restaurant for free (once a day) and be served according to the taster menu. The drinks are paid for regardless of the menu type. There is an Imperial Hall which preserves the history of Russian Empire. In the restaurant you can become acquainted with the exposition of the pictures which were purposefully painted fir these halls in the Studio of Military artists named after M. B. Grekov.Грекова.


“Marshalsky” restaurant is the lux-class restaurant. The Marshal Hall was created in memory of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Soviet Marshals and Admirals view the guests from the portraits of the Winners Gallery.


There is a great variety of alcoholic drinks, cocktails and desserts. The “spice” of the bar is the daily

``Sea Restaurant``

This is an open restaurant which is situated right on the sea-side. The versed gourmands are sure to be pleased with the superb dishes made from seafood and fish, national cuisines, the great diversity of cocktails and the exclusive wine collection.


Offers to the guests Japanese and Asian dishes.

``Grill bar``

Mostly there are Caucasian and Uzbek dishes and also pizza prepared in stove, served in the open air. The food is cooked with the grill or in a stove.

``Karaoke-bar and Sports Bar``

These are the places for noisy and cheerful companies which will give you the opportunity to feel the joy from the sportsmen victories and perform a fancied composition accompanied with the jingle of the glasses.

``Bochonok Bar``

This is a traditional bar with a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, beer, snacks and the dishes of European cuisine.

Optionally the dishes and the drinks from the bars can be delivered by the waiters to any place on the hotel territory.

Room service (delivery of dishes and drinks included in the special menu into the room, 24 hours).